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Length: 4 min 53 secs
Price: No Charge
(shipping is $3.85)

Hurdle DVD

Length: 5 min 8 secs
Price: $4.95

Tire Jump DVD

Length: 4 min 10 secs
Price: $4.95

Tunnel DVD

Length: 3 min 43 secs
Price: $4.95

Chute DVD

Length: 4 min 15 secs
Price: $4.95

Combined DVD

Length: 21 min 30 secs
Price: $19.95

Agility Training Movies

Agilite has created a series of dog agility training movies on the following topics:

Each training DVD is included with the purchase of the corresponding Agilite dog-agility apparatus or you can purchase any DVD separately.

Screensaver and Introduction to Agility

Our Screensaver and Introduction to Agility Video, which are combined on one CD, are promotional tools for the sport of agility. The Screensaver, with options for loading either on a PC or Macintosh, features photos of all the Agilite obstacles in use with the scenic and stunning mountain background of the Teton Range.

The Introduction to Agility video’s purpose is not for training the individual obstacles, but merely an introduction to the sport with some of the Agilite obstacles that are used in agility and expresses the bond of bringing dogs and people together.

Agility Training DVD’s:

Agilite training videos are shot and edited to give the beginning dog agility enthusiast an immediate method to enjoy their purchase of Agilite obstacles. Each DVD runs for about two to four minutes and provides step-by-step training with troubleshooting tips that aid for quick training of your dog. The Combined Long Version obstacle video runs longer.

The moderator, Carolyn, is a certified pet dog trainer (CPDT). Her lively presentation is crisp and clear, and she easily breaks down the individual steps necessary to successfully start an owner and dog in agility. The use of a “clicker” is emphasized.

Hurdle Training Movie:

This training segment begins with terminology and cues that you can use with your dog for the hurdle, and provides simple and concise steps to move the dog through the hurdle uprights and over the cross bar. Safety is stressed, as well as key points to review. The hurdle is the easiest way to start your dog in agility, so this training segment is an excellent introduction for training all the obstacles. The hurdle video is included with the purchase of the Hurdle.

Tire Jump Training Movie:

Building on the skills learned from the hurdle, the focus is on making sure the dog goes through the tire instead of around the obstacle. Similar training techniques are used as in the hurdle video. The tire jump video is included with the purchase of the Tire Jump.

Tunnel Training Movie:

Carolyn uses the tunnel to introduce both tunnel and chute training, based on the similarity of the obstacles. After the foundation skills and handling maneuvers are covered, the training proceeds to forming the tunnel into varying configurations. Step-by-step review points are included. The tunnel video is included with the purchase of the Tunnel.

Chute Training Movie:

The chute can be an intimidating obstacle for a dog and Carolyn breaks down the training steps to mitigate any uncertainties for the dog. Graduated lengthening of the tunnel and chute sections as well as lowering the chute over time, create a fun learning environment for both the dog and trainer. Again, safety issues and review points are stressed. The chute video is included with the purchase of the Chute.

Combined Long-Version Training Movie:

In this video, the hurdle, tire jump, tunnel, chute, and weave poles are covered in order. This video, when seen in entirety benefit dog owners/trainers who may purchase one piece of Agilite equipment, but own other obstacles. The process of training in this order, from easiest to more demanding obstacles yields tips and ideas along the way that can be used throughout all your agility training.

Music and review bullet points connect the segments providing an enjoyable format. At the end of the video, there is a full course set up using these five obstacles so that you can envision how a course might look using only these disciplines of equipment.


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