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18-ft Tunnel with Heavy-Duty Bottom

Standing Size:
26 in (high) x 18 ft (long)

Weight: 17 lbs

Item Code: 7326

Price: $200.00

18-ft Tunnel

Standing Size:
26 in (high) x 18 ft (long)

Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz

Item Code: 7324

Price: $180.00

6 ft Tunnel with
6-ft Zip-off Chute

Standing Size:
26 in (high) x 6 ft (long)

Weight: 7 lbs

Item Code: 7330

Price: $133.00

24" Stakes

Weight: 1.1 oz

Length: 24 in

Item Code: 7201

Price: $19.95 for six

Tunnels & Stakes

Our new 18-foot Tunnel has a double layer of heavy duty polyester fabric on the bottom for extra durablilty, making it perfect for courses that are set up on dirt or in the desert. Collapsable and comes with a carry bag. Our tunnels come in 18 or 6 foot lengths in these styles:

  •   18-ft Tunnel with Reinforced Bottom
  •   18-ft Tunnel
  •   6-ft Tunnel with 6-ft Zip-off Chute

Beautifully constructed of the finest materials available, the Agilite Tunnel collapses to a very compact 4 in thick by 26 in diameter disc (less thick for shorter tunnels), making it effortless to transport and very easy to store. The durable polyester fabric is stronger and more abrasion resistant than nylon fabrics, and more importantly, will not suffer as much from Ultra-Violet (UV) degradation allowing you to leave the Tunnels set-up outdoors for extended periods of time.

The Tunnels can be configured in a variety of shapes; straight for beginning training, U-Turn, J-Bend, etc., and can even be set up partially extended in confined spaces. The Tunnels have fabric-slots on the side so they can be anchored with our lightweight aluminum stakes or using string and weights (sandbags, water-filled milk jug, rock, etc.). Price includes the stuff sack.

The Tunnels Training Video is included free with your purchase of a tunnel.

Reinforced Bottoms and Zippers to attach to Chutes

Tunnel with Cordura Bottom Tunnel with Zipper
10-ft Tunnel with Zipper

Our standard 18-ft tunnel can be configured in various shapes

24-inch Stakes

Use our ultra lightweight stakes to anchor our Tunnels and Chute. Made from heat ‐ treated and anodized aluminum, they are specifically intended in size and length to slide through the fabric slots sewn onto our Tunnels and Chute.

The Stakes are $3.95 apiece and we recommend 6 stakes (as shown) to set up your Tunnel for "Straight", "J", "C", and "S" configurations. Agilite offers a special price for a set of 6 for $19.95.


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