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Agilite  Bowls

2-Cup Bowl: 6 oz
4-Cup Bowl: 9 oz

Colors: Fuchsia, Dark Blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Turquoise, Green, and Red

2-Cup Bowl
Item: 8000
Price: $10.00

4-Cup Bowl
Item: 8001
Price: $13.00


OllyDog Beds

Shipping Weight: 8 lb.

Colors available: Green Daisy, Blue Stripe.

Regular Size:
Item: 8002
Price: $100.00

Large Size:
Item: 8003
Price: $120.00

Dog Bowls and Beds

Agilite Polycarbonate Bowls

Made from polycarbonate (PC), one of the toughest, durable and most versatile polymers, these attractive food and water bowls are an innovation in both functionality and style. Polycarbonate exhibits a broad range of outstanding properties (think everything from beverage bottles, food storage containers, eyeglasses, and even car headlamp lenses and astronauts helmets) and survives nicely from the patio, to the campsite and even in your dishwasher.

They come in eight fun colors to fit your frame of mind and kitchen décor!

Great things to know about our dog bowls:

  • So strong that even the toughest of dogs can't damage this bowl, meaning bacteria won't adhere to the surfaces.
  • Very lightweight makes it comfortable to carry, yet incredibly durable to resist teeth marks, dents and even breakage.
    Anti-bacterial properties, makes it very easy to clean and leaves no after food or water after taste, and will not retain odors.
  • A carry loop makes the bowl easy to pick up (hang it up to dry) and portable (use our carabiner to clip it to your pack to take to the dog park) and no-skid bottom prevents slippage on tile floors.

We know several dogs, from Papillon’s to GSD’s that swear by these bowls and asked; “Why have dog bowls always been so boring?”

Polycarbonate Bowls


OllyDog Saucer Beds

OllyDog beds have a dual density foam pad, removable, washable bolster—this versatile bed may be the perfect canine sleep system. The base pad is made of dual-layer foam for long lasting comfort and insulation. Lofty, poly filled, machine washable bolster secures to the base pad. Incredibly versatile—use it all together or use the base pad alone as a travel bed.

Two sizes: We offer OllyDog beds in Regular and Large sizes:

  • Regular dimensions: inner - 28x20 inches; outer - 38x30 inches.
  • Large dimensions: inner - 38x28 inches; outer - 48x38 inches.
OllyDog beds


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