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Welcome to Agilite!
At Agilite, our goal is to create dog agility equipment that is easy to assemble and take down, lightweight for transport, compact for storage, and adjustable for the range of jump height requirements. We also made it to be durable and versatile, yet affordable. And most important, it is essential that Agilite dog agility equipment have all the features that provide safety for your dogs.

Agility for Everyone
We want to make agility more fun and accessible for everyone, not just for the serious competitor. Now those who live in the city or travel frequently can easily do dog agility any time and anywhere.

Simply the Finest Dog Agility Equipment Available

Agilite dog agility equipment is beautifully constructed of the finest materials available - durable, light-weight, strong, easy to pack and set up either indoors or outside in a course as large as your imagination. Agilite dog agility equipment products include hurdles, tire jumps, tunnels and stakes, chutes and stakes.

Agilite is so lightweight: In the photo here, one person easily carries the standard Agilite agility equipment—hurdle, tire jump, chute, and tunnel—all by herself.

Agilite is so portable and packable: A complete set of these obstacles will fit in your car trunk or a small hall closet.

Agility Training Videos

Agilite has created a series of dog training videos, including Introduction to Agility, Hurdles and Tire Jumps, Tunnels and Chutes, Agility Troubleshooting, and a combined video that includes the training series for all the agility apparatus. If you're a true agility fan, you'll want our Agilite dog-agility screensaver for your computer.

Other Dog Stuff: Tugs, Bowls, Beds

NEW! Teton Tugs™ dog tug toys are performance enhancers for agility and fly ball dogs and used for dock dogs or just a fun play toy. At the September 2006 APDT conference, Susan Garrett lectured on the value of using tug toys with your dog before competitions.

Agilite is proud to offer 2-cup and 4-cup portable, colorful polycarbonate bowls. We also offer dog beds from OllyDog.

Clicker Training

Agilite provides clicker training products, including clickers, a Click-A-Tricks booklet, treat bags and carabiner, and a variety of training kits so you can pick and choose the best selection of products to fit your dog's needs.

Agilite can accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or the Discover card. You may also place your order online and mail a check with your e-mail receipt. Your order will be shipped after your check has cleared our bank.

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